Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Smith Royalty!!

There's a Prince and Princess in town! Malta Days was held June 8-10, 2007 and this year they had a contest for Prince, Princess, King and Queen of Malta Days. Noah was shoe in as the only boy for Prince - but we're sure he would have gotten it anyway! Who could resist the missing two front teeth smile? :) Miranda was one of four Princess contestants. Her yellow gingham sundress perfectly matched her smile and natural responses - which apparently gave her an edge over the ever so cute girls all decked out in full princess regalia or Easter dress. Each contestant was asked what one thing they would wish for. Noah said a castle. The two princess dressed cuties said a new dress! The other cutie said a supermarket for Malta!! And Miranda said, "A flower." And the crowd went, "Aawww." The emcee said, "Well, you are easy to please." If only!! (heehee). The emcee then asked her what her favorite flower was, answer, "Dandelions." The crowd said, "Aaaaaaawwwww." Afterwards, Miranda told me, "I just knew I would win." I told her the others girls knew they would win too, but I was glad she won. Along with a gift bag stuffed with loot - they all got to ride the Malta Float in the parade Saturday morning. I got to walk (sometimes run!) along side the float and toss candy at the parade watchers.

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Patti said...

Adorable!!! What a fun mommy moment!