Sunday, October 07, 2007

BOO! - Deliciously Faux Scary Halloween Gift

I found this yummy gift idea on another demonstrator's blog - and immediately thought "These would make an awesome gift!" I adore my Booglie Eyes stamp set - those little guys are just too cute! My favorites seem to be the dracula and the frankenstein because the way they lean seems to fit the projects I do the best - but I love all those little fellows! So I made these Deliciously Faux Scary gifts for my kids' teachers, AND for my ladies who celebrated world Card-Making Day with me at the Card Craze on October 6th. I have a few more for other family friends too. I chose to put "BOO!" pn the jars because this is my Boo Bucket this year. I had such fun doing Boo Buckets last year - but this year ALL the STORES have Boo Kits and the novelty has quite worn off for me. So - all who received this jar from me - consider yourselves BOO'd - quick, make up a sign to hang in your window so no one else will Boo you in the next couple of weeks! Wish I would have thought of that earlier - I would have given you the sign too! Anything that takes a stick+ of melted butter has my vote for something I MUST taste! Maybe the scary part comes when I step on the scale AFTER eating these?! LOL Scale Shmale. ENJOY!


Patti Gingrich said...

So clever! Amy and I were wondering who made this. TFS!

Vanessa C. said...

So very cute. Do you have the recipe for the ingredients you would share! Love your site!