Friday, July 18, 2008

Copic Certified - Woohoo!

I had great fun going in for the Copic Certification training this past Wednesday with a couple of friends (Paula, Patti and Amy) and I made a new friend (Priscilla)! After a brief mishap of a train just plain not arriving - we had to drive in to Paula, who then drove us all to Rosemont. And you know - there are NO *easy ways* into convention centers. So after what seemed like a several mile hike (lol) we rushed into the classroom a few minutes late - to find Marianne was still setting up a few tables! Marianne is a great and easy-going teacher - right up my alley! :) It was good to have SO MANY Copic colors to play with, as well as to practice the techniques I had been reading about on Marianne's Blog and Cambria's Blog. I was thrilled to find out that some *techniques* that I had stumbled upon all by myself (no, I didn't think I created them!) were good techniques! Now to keep practicing - and get more colors!

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CAKVD said...

Hello! I got my blog candy in the mail today!!! Thanks so much!