Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stampin' Philosophy - Envelopes

Warning: Stamping Philosophocal Discussion in this paragraph! :)
You can get nice quality #10 envelopes from office supply stores (business stationery section) and print shops - I mean, why get a cheapie envelope for your gorgeous card? The envelope is the first thing your recipient sees. I can't stand the thought of someone pre-judging what's inside as cheapie just becuase I skimped on the envelopes. It's like getting the cheapest wedding invitation you can to "save money", then spending gobs on the reception. The guest sees the inexpensive looking invite first, and bases his/her judgment on what kind of gift to bring on this info. How could they know the wedding and reception would be lavish by a cheapie invitation? Yes - I know this is judging a book by it's cover - and NO I am not for that. I do, however, believe that some things are a fact of our humanity whether they "should" be that way or not. Last example - when you see someone with longer, unkempt hair and clothes is your first reaction one of respect "Look at the beautiful image of God this person is!" OR if we're honest, slightly disrespectful: "Why doesn't this person care more about themselves? Geesh!"

Okay -enough of Jule's Stampin' Philosophy! lol Thanks for bearing with me. I realize a nice card is way more important than a nice envelope. To me, it's just that little extra finishing step that I try to do the majority of the time. ENJOY!

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