Thursday, August 09, 2007

Marriage Encounter Family Camping

Finally an updated family picture since Christmas! This is from a Marriage Encounter Family Camp Out in June 2007. We were blessed to borrow Steve's parents' pop-up camper this trip. For the first time - NO TENT! It was wonderful!! Of course, anything is better than the last two years of rain on this camping weekend! heehee

We have been involved with Worldwide Marriage Encounter for 8+ years, making our first Weekend in February 1999. The Weekend gifted us as a couple in so many ways - and still continues to do so today. One of the many blessings has been our local M.E. Community - being surrounded with so many couples who value God, marriage and family has been invaluable for us. We made a second Weekend this past February, and were asked to become presenting team for future Weekends. We said - YES! And have been on a new adventure ever since!! We highly recommend the Marriage Encounter Weekend to everyone - it is the best gift you can give yourselves, your marriage and your family. You will find the information you need at or feel free to contact us and we'll help find the info you need. ENJOY!

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Patty J said...

Julie, It's nice to hear of someone else out there who values marriage and God's role within it.
We went on a ME as a 5th anniversary gift. We didn't get too involved after that, though.
We do a lot with Cursillo...and having 4 kids is a time committment.
God's blessings on you as you two are presenters in the future!