Friday, September 21, 2007

Sprained Ankle

Wow - I haven't posted since 9/11 - well, this time it would be because I sprained my ankle on 9/12! I was just trying to go for a bike ride with my 2 year old. Never made the ride, cuz I missed the step in the garage and landed on top of my bent over left ankle. At least I can still drive, but my house looks like, weeeellllll....... dear hubby has made valiant efforts to try to fill my proverbial shoes, and he's done well, he's just not me! I was going to try to stamp up some embellishments for my ever-so-stylish compression boot. Then at least it would look gaudy and not just BIG and BLACK. :) But alas - I was told to lay on the couch with my foot up as much as possible, and just like after giving birth to all my children - I listened and did what I was told - I have not usually had a problem following "be a couch potato" orders. (heehee) Today, I received the also ever-so-lovely compression sock to wear WITH the boot - oh, double joy!!

So - that's my excuse for this past week and a half - anyone buy it?! If that didn't work - how about at least feeling sorry for me that I have to sit back and watch this beautiful weather go by when I could be out enjoying it bike-riding with my son. Please? By the time my ankle gets the okay to resume exercise as such, I just "know" the weather will be much colder and breezier and I won't want to go riding then.

Hey - maybe I'll get some stamping play time?

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