Tuesday, September 11, 2007

True Freedom

In Honor and Memory of ALL the Victims of the Sept. 11th terrorist attack on the United States of America - please join the Smith family in prayer:

Dear Lord, we misunderstand freedom
believing that it is the ability to
do whatever we want.
Help us always to remember that freedom,
true freedom, is being able to do
what we ought to do.
That freedom, true freedom,
is not indulging our every want and whim,
but instead is the ability to
rise above any desires
that are wrong, disordered, dangerous
or excessive.
Give us your Grace always to remember
that true freedom makes us the people
You wish us to be,
that true freedom brings us closer to You,
and reshapes our world
in the likeness of Your Kingdom. Amen.
(Taken from Liturgical Publications Church Bulletin July 2007, Author not stated.)

We pray for the repose of the souls of the faithful departed, and for the comfort and peace of those struggling with their loss. Holy Mary, Queen of Peace and Patron of the United States - Pray for Us.

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