Thursday, December 13, 2007

Smith Family 2007

These FABULOUS photos were taken by a Sudsol Stampin' Sister Elizabeth Sloman. In September, we were talking via email about blogs, and she asked me to take a look at her then new photography blog. I did and shared a dream of mine to have a family candid photo shoot session (well, with some posed shots of course!) I knew she had some family in IL so asked her to let me know when she might be here visiting and maybe we could do a photo shoot. Well - wouldn't you know she was coming for a friend's wedding in October - only a month away at the time - and actually had some free time between her arrival and all the wedding festivities! WOOHOO! So I got to meet my Stampin' Sister for the second time while she made a long time dream of mine come true! These are just a couple of the many photos that were the result of this fun day at a local park...THANKS Elizabeth!

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