Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Introducing...StampinJewels' New Face!

I just loved the blog skin I found for the Christmas season - remember the Wisemen and the Star? But there's nothing like a mini-makeover! I have been so very excited to release the NEW StampinJewels Blog Banner! My birthday treat to myself was this FABULOUS new blog banner, plus a new signature image AND a couple of new Watermarks for my projects (you'll have to wait to see the watermarks.)

I worked with the very talented Michelle Laycock, who is also a Sudsol stamping sister. What a fun and different creative process creating the blog banner was! Michelle asked me a bunch of questions, and I did my best to answer then honestly. Are you sitting down? Of course you are, you're on the computer - LOL - get ready to giggle! I actually used these words in my communications with Michelle - Are you sure you're ready?! ;)

"Kind of an angelic, ethereal with understated definition."

What a HOOT! Did *I* just think/type/say that?! Okay - those who know me, please pick yourself up off the floor now or your stomach will hurt even more from this fit of giggles! :)

It really is a beautiful blog banner - IMHO. THANK YOU so much Michelle, for patiently helping me draw out my own imagination and creativity in a different way - and then giving it a physical image for me.

Since Thanksgiving I have felt so busy and it has really taken a toll on my stamping Mojo. My plan is to change all that, as stated in the previous post, so hopefully you'll be seeing my new watermarks soon!

SOOOO, head on over to Michelle's site and get yourself started on a wonderful creative journey that ends in your very own, personalized blog banner, siggy and watermark. Please, tell Michelle StampinJewels sent you! And remember to leave a link to your blog here once your new Laycock banner is up. For now - I'd love to hear your comments on these new StampinJewels blog features :) ENJOY!

Blog Siggy


Kim said...

Juli- the site is beautiful!

Ilse Vargas said...

Very nice, Michelle did a good work with the words you gave her :)
Greetings, Ilse

Patti Gingrich said...

It's lovely!!! A perfect representation of you and your blog. :)

Anita said...

Ok, really cool. I Love the "jewels." The whole feel would make a great scrapbook heading. Hummm.