Thursday, January 01, 2009

What's Your 2009 Stamping Resolution?


Every year many of us aim at coming up with resolutions for change - either adding something or subtracting something to our lives. Regular exercisers cringe at this time of you as the YMCA and opther health clubs get "really" busy for 4-6 weeks, before the crowds begin to taper off again. I'll leave those kinds of resolutions alone - but lets focus on what we all love to do - PAPERCRAFTING!

What resolution(s) do you have for your stamping, scrapbooking, etc.?

For me, I am carrying over a 2008 resolution regarding a certain SU! perpetual Birthday Calendar - i.e. getting it stamped and embellished, names written in the appropriate months, and cards done ahead of time so they are ready to mail out. (Please don't remind me I'm already behind again on this project!)

I'm also re-resolving to start my scrapbooking adventure in 2009. The desire to scrapbook has been growing and growing - and I have YEARS of pictures I would like to scrapbook, so no lack there.

So what's the plan?
Now that I have some resolutions or goals - how exactly am I going to make them happen? Good question - by scheduling time in each week to work on them. Sounds silly to have to "schedule in" stamping for the sheer pleasure of it time, doesn't it? But I know most of you understand completely! :)

So what's your plan(s)? How will you go about making them happen in 2009?

Please share your comments here so we may all draw inspiration and strength from each other. And please share the invitation to set papercrafting goals with your papercrafting family & friends! ENJOY!

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Patti Gingrich said...

Hi Juli! Happy 2009! I really like your approach to achieving your stamping goals this year. If it's on the calendar, we are more apt to keep the commitment. I just may have to steal your idea. ;) I haven't completed my list of goals yet, but I certainly want more stamp time with friends in 2009. I'll be in touch. :)